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and that the justifications it has cited as as full of shit as the so-called legal reasonings produced by the Bush Administration to justify torturing enemy combatants.
Hey. Save it for The Neutral Zone, okay? Like I do.
Erm, no. I don't save criticism for human rights abuses for only one special forum. I don't care who the abusers are or if they happen to have significant domestic support.

Thanks for the info, though.
No prob.

Two Starfleets, eh? Of course...there may be incentive for keeping the "United Earth" Starfleet for the Federation. Guess we'll just have to see how the ENT books turn out.
Well, it's entirely plausible that the Federation Starfleet grew out of the UE Starfleet, along with growing out of the Andorian Imperial Guard and Vulcan and Tellarite space forces. But it by definition has to be a new legal entity. Armed forces serve the state they are owned by. Now, we've seen plenty of examples of Starfleet ships in the 23rd and 24th Centuries being called "Federation starships." They can't be Federation starships if they're owned by United Earth, just like the aircraft carrier United States Ship Enterprise CVN-65 couldn't call itself a United States Ship if it was actually owned by and in the service of, say, the Massachusetts State Navy.

Besides, if we're bringing in the novels, the novel Articles of the Federation by Keith RA DeCandido established definitively that the Federation Starfleet is a separate legal entity from the United Earth Starfleet, one that was founded when the Federation was and that grew out of the UE Starfleet.
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