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Own Your Own Replica Tribble

Klingons may want to avoid the offer, but for Tribble lovers, they can now own their own replica Tribbles that aren't just silent, motionless balls of fluff.

As reported by Oh Gizmo!, an electronic Tribble is the perfect pet for Federation residents and Vulcans alike. No quadrotriticale is necessary!

The six-inch Tribble will inch about the room while making trilling noises such as the Tribbles did in the original series episode The Trouble With Tribbles. Fortunately, for those with limited space, these Tribbles do not have the reproductive capability of the original ones.

Those who fear Klingon incursions into their domiciles may rest easy. A toggle switch on the bottom of the Tribble can be switched on, and the Tribble will emit the piercing screech that warns all good Federation citizens that Klingon danger is near.

To read more, head to the article located here. The Tribble can be purchased here.

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