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Re: Laura Vandervoort: Genre babe of the week #46 (Nov. 2008)

Just my two cents. I know without a doubt that GBoW are skirting on material which I would not be caught dead surfing at work. Like even the classy shots. On that hand I have the prudent judgment to only look at these types of threads at home. I personally don't find them objectionable, but at the same time too a lot of the threads I read in Misc. etc I do find objectionable. Let's put it this way I even treat the "Post a Pic of Yourself" as NSFW.

I know some threads I'll be offended just by the title alone and hey this is the internetz and I don't need to expose my values on everybody, I just ignore them and leave. I feel that since the majority of as are adults and the stuff you see in these threads is what you'll see in any European beach, hey if you feel offended and the title of GBoW isn't warning bells enough after the first click you should know to stay away.

Just my 2 cents...

Ohhh and thumbs up!!!! All the way up!!!
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