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Re: Laura Vandervoort: Genre babe of the week #46 (Nov. 2008)

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Yeah, it has. Get over it. There are plenty of places online for either porn or soft-porn. TrekBBS will not be one of them.
How is this thread soft porn, hasn't the Genre week thing been running for what 3 years now? You have a clear bias against these threads though I wonder if it runs both ways if there was a genre male of the week just as popular.
You left out this important part of her post:
No, my comment was more cautionary. They pushed the line there, big time, and I was hoping that it would not be pushed here and reminding people to not do so.
IOW, she is not saying that this is soft-porn, only that it easily could become that. So she's giving you a heads up so you can take steps so you can help keep it that way. Believe me.. I enjoy these threads, too... but there have been occasions in the past where pictures have come very close to that line.

I understand no shots of topless shots etc but then delete those images, warn or ban those people and don't punish the rest or is that too hard to do ?
No harder than it is for the regulars in here to do likewise. She did ask everyone to work with her on this in her previous post.
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