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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

Saw it today, it was ok, a little disappointing after Casino Royal.

The fights and action scenes are good, although they look like they were edited by a kid with ADHD with no access to ritlin.

I guess the two main problems are its too grim, most of the characters seem like they are depressed, and anyone who is actually cheerful will be killed off shortly, and the other being, instead of a mad man trying to take over the world, or some usual stolen nuke shenanigans, its about having a monopoly over water distribution rights in Bolivia.

I know the main story is just meant to be a back drop to Bond's personal mission of vengeance, but even then we are shortchanged, when after spending all of this film looking for payback against the man who set up Vespa, we don't see any of it, we don't even get a Bond, James Bond, line.

I just hope the next one is a little lighter in tone, and actually has a story that grips you.
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