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Re: November Contest Entry: Sacrifice (PG-13)

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Very well written story, and you had me completely barking up the wrong tree. I was so busy thinking the girls mother was Kira that it never occured to me to imagine who her father was. Didn't see that coming!
I'm curious, was it the Mirror Universe you had in mind?

The girl's mother is this particular universe's version of Tora Naprem--she's probably a vedek-level cleric, however that's referred to in the Pah-Wraith cult, which in this version is the main religion of Bajor--though the fact that the Cardassians know the name Pah-Wraiths instead of "True Prophets" suggests they've found out by some means or another what the Pah-Wraiths really were and what they represent. Partly intel--and partly, I suspect, insights from being religious people themselves, in that universe. There's a saying somewhere in the Bible that reminds believers that they will be known by their fruits--I would expect the Cardassian believers applied a similar test and concluded pretty quickly what was going on.

Anyway, I thought that since that particular universe's main feature seems to be a reversal of Cardassian/Bajoran circumstances, reversing the Dukat/Tora relationship might be fitting, shocking as it is to imagine what exactly transpired.

Anyway, glad you liked it...I was worried as soon as I portrayed a Cardassian man and a half-Bajoran daughter, people would immediately figure out who it was and based on this universe's Dukat, not want to read. Glad that wasn't the case!
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