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Re: Arc of the Wolf: On the Nature of Wind - Part I, Chapter 1

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Very good to see Scotty connecting with someone. For awhile, his inability to connect with others was affecting MY ability as the reader to connect with him.

Well done!
I kinda wish I'd been able to write more of the space between the story Distant Horizons (and not just leaving the set with that one) and this one, if only to show that he took some pretty big steps in Basic Training towards settling. And I wish I'd known this would actually become a story ARC when I wrote ONOW here, because I would have shown the evolution of this particular friendship, instead of deeming it secondary to the plot. Because it is a good tale.

Still, I really hope that ONOW, despite that I was way younger when I wrote most of it, holds up okay. And thanks much for the comment; yes, Scott does get more personable. Corry's an awful influence on him, in the best ways a good friend can be. ;-)
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