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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

This film is terrible...for about 20 minutes, then it realises it isn't a Bourne film and becomes a Bond film, and a rather good one at that, in fact I'd say I enjoyed this on first viewing infinitely more than Casino Royale. It is far better paced, doesn't go on forever, has a better villain (thoug still not a great one) a better Bond girl...I could go on.

This felt more like a Bond film to me than Casino Royale, the plays of the Bond theme throughout were nice to hear (obviously too subtle for the critics) and the film had a nice line in humour (which again seems to have gone over some heads)

On the downside the title track just doesn't work, and the titles themselves are nowhere near as cool as Casino Royale's. Plus a terrible pre title sequence. Seriously I've had enough of this shaky camera shit, can someone please tell me what is so cool about not beinbg able to see what's happening? As one of the guys I went with tonight said, it's an excuse for bad cheorography...hope they drop that from the next film. Gemma Arterton, geex she'd cute but really can't act, and the Goldfinger bit was a bit too obvious, much prefered the Spy who Loved me bit with Craig on and roof with the special branch guy.

I gave it above average, but to be honest if they re edited the first 15/20 minutes I'd give it more. Daniel Craig continues to be bloody brilliant (and I'm still ashamed I was so anti the guy) and as a final note, I kinda liked the crazy titles they put up for each city.
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