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Re: November Contest Entry: Sacrifice (PG-13)

Mistral wrote: View Post
I guess this is survival of a sort-survival of faith over the barrier of death. Very moving.
He's had a lot of the more primitive sort of survival in his life, not to mention his struggles at some times against his own brain chemistry. This is how it came to an end. Thank you very much for reading and I'm glad it could move you.

I experienced something once that to this day I have never figured out--a dream of faith and dying, and the things I felt at the end of it...I can't help but go back to it every so often. I changed the particulars GREATLY, put it into this setting--but the feeling at the end is what I felt.

SLWatson wrote: View Post
Wow. Stunningly beautiful work; the cold, the story, the CLARITY of it. A twist on the AU theme in a manner not entirely expected or unexpected, but altogether brilliantly done.
I'm very glad to know it flowed right for you--this was kind of an experiment on my part and I'm glad it worked. Thank you as well.
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