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Re: Trek-like Hologram Makes TV Appearance

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I think CNN's ugly little secret is that the "hologram" is virtual and the anchor does not see it. It's a composite image that can be viewed from multiple angles because the camera movements in the studio are telemetry-linked to the computer receiving the shots from the 35 HD cams and generating the image, which is composited into what we see on TV. No 3D image is projected onto the red dot on the CNN studio floor. Blitzer and Cooper were acting (which is in and of itself troubling). Calling it a "hologram" is just a bit of marketing sophistry.
Agreed, but it did look good.

Also agreed, but: It did not look good.
I'm sure I've got Miles O'Brien's phone number somewhere. Maybe if you ask nicely enough, he'll rig you up a Defiant-esque holographic comm system that will look good.
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