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Re: Various Sketches, Ideas, Etc.

ClericWill wrote: View Post
I really like the USS Durendal design, it pulls together the Excelsior/Oberth/Enterprise-B highlights. I'd like to put together a physical model of this one

Can I ask what designs you had in mind when designing this ship?

I'm thinking Oberth'ish for the nacelle design, excelsior for the majority of the primary and secondary hull and Enterprise-B for the secondary hull/deflector design.

I also really like the USS Eldrige design, I've always liked the "Stargazer" class but have never been a big fan of unnecessary extra warp nacelles which your designs solves. From the side profile its hard to see what you have done with the saucer section. What has been added to the saucer section?
I was thinking of the Excelsior and the Sovereign, mainly, and I added touches of Ent-B and Obereth for the Durendal.

With regards to the Eldridge, she's got sensor blisters on the topside near the front and the aft hull has a block-style engineering hull-let which holds the warp core horizantally and of course attaches to the nacelle pylon.

judexavier wrote: View Post
The "Author" remindes me a little bit of this:
[COLOR=#0066cc]The predator would have made a cool "Kelvin".....[/COLOR]
Ok, you caught me. I was thinking 24th Century Predator-Class when I designed the Anhur. I've always been a huge fan of Masao's Starfleet Museum.
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