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Arc of the Wolf: On the Nature of Wind

So, who was it that asked if I wrote longer stories? You? Bet you're scrambling for that backbutton now!

On the Nature of Wind
Author: SLWatson
Editors: KRWalker, Maguena, Sadisticerrorpi
Betas: TheBrimmstone, Smoke Glacken (Jen), Allenth, Sabby (other Jen), Ehzoterik, Merfilly
Rating: PG, mild cussing
Timeline: 2242 - 2243
Pairing: None
Words: 98,800+
Disclaimer: Star Trek, of course, belongs to Paramount. I'm only borrowing one of their main characters, a couple of cameos and a few of their concepts, but eh. As for the rest of the charries, they're mine. If by some small chance you want to use them, just ask. I'll probably jump for joy and say yes. And I'd be negligent if I didn't say it: This story is best read in its original format HERE.

All right. This story has something of a strange pedigree, so lemme explain it.

One: It was the very first one I wrote. I started it in October of 2001, wrote through the first four parts and then... stopped. Got blocked for the next six years. Could not write in it to save my life. Tried a dozen times. Worst of all, I got blocked at this really fricken important scene, too. I'd go back and edit and pick at things, but it took me until earlier
this year to actually finish this story. There are definitely stylistic differences between then and now, and between the first four parts and the last part and Epilogue. This one's not as polished, though still entirely readable... so, be patient with the twenty-one year old I used to be? ;-)

Two: It was never, ever supposed to be a novel when I did start it. I figured it would be about 10,000 words, mostly humor, and that was it. I sure as heck never imagined, when I started, that it would end up 98,800+ words, let alone set the ball rolling on an
entire story arc. Wanna know what question sparked it off? "Huh. Why did Scotty buy a boat for retirement in ST:IV?" Funny how stories go, isn't it?

Three: Even when I did realize this would be a novel-length story, I didn't realize that I would go and write the timeline before it and after it. And I sure didn't realize that the long gap between the Prologue and Part I would later beg for some fill-in tales to explain things, mostly because back when I started it, I hadn't even begun to ask questions about my favorite engineer. Needless to say, though, this story is where those questions started really sticking in my head bigtime.

And four: There's a pretty long gap (and a decent amount that happens) between where I left off on Distant Horizons and where this story picks up. Someday, I will go back and at least fill in one or two more stories to explain how Scott ends up from there to here, but today won't be that day. There's also a lot that happens between the Prologue and Part I on a more personal level that I knew, but hadn't originally deemed as important as I do now. Nonetheless, those stories remain separate from this one, and I'll post 'em later.


This is meant to be a standalone novel; you don't have to read Distant Horizons to be able to enjoy it. Though, of course, you'd probably enjoy it even more if you did. It's a sort of sequel to the story 'In Theory' in the novel Kobayashi Maru. It takes place mostly in the year 2243.

No, you don't have to comment. Yes, though, it would be greatly appreciated. It has a bit of something for everyone. Humor, drama, friendship... piracy...

No, I'm not kidding. You wanna know more, you can read on. ;-)

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