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Re: Various Sketches, Ideas, Etc.

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I like the side view, not sure about the "arrowhead" top view. That shape is beginning to be too prevalent.
I disagree, the arrowhead design should become prevalent in new starship design IMHO. If you think about it most TOS ships have a circular primary hull, as do TOS movie ships. TNG, DS9 and Voyager ships dont really have a standard saucer section design. I think that the ship design Post TNG would start to have a similar design and "arrowhead" seems to be a logical similar pattern. The Nova class (which I like) plus the Promethus (maybe I'm screwing up the name from the Voyager episode, but the Multi-Vector Assault mode ship). A standardized starship design makes more sense to me then the TNG era designs of Galaxy, Intrepid, Soverign, Akira, etc. Where the saucer design is inconsistent.
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