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Re: Various Sketches, Ideas, Etc.

IDK, the big dishes are kinda what makes that ship look unique, sojourner.

Anyways, update on the design I've temporarily dubbed "mothership". Scale is provided by a craptastic Connie Refit outline (look at the foundry section )

New "Lighthouse" module with the forward FTL engine and the gravitic sensor dish (without which the ship would be unable to navigate reliably at FTL speeds).

She's not just a sleeper ship... there has to be accomodations for the main crew, including the possibility of a generational trip, fabrication facilities, refineries for practically any material needs imaginable. As such, the power needs are immense. At least 8 fusion reactors provide shipwide power, while a massive vacumn energy extraction well serves to power the FTL drives. Additionally, incredibly large fuel reserves are kept onboard to supply all this.

I'm imagining a crew of around 6-12,000ish, with a few hundred thousand colonists in cryo, give or take.

As previously stated, the FTL drives are a space warp drive (need a really cool name for them... I'll think of one). One drive contracts space in front of the ship, and the other expands space in front of it.

Defense is provided by a number of point-defense laser turrets located at various points, as encounters with a heavily armed foe is extremely unlikely, considering the lack of known alien life (and the unlikely possibility that such life would be hostile) and the highly regulated nature of space travel.
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