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Re: Blu-ray Star Trek In 2009?

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Has anyone watched any TNG or DS9 DVDs with an upconverting DVD player on an 1080p HDTV? I'm just wondering how the quality is when doing that.
It's okay, not great.

It seems that when upconverting technology gets to a certain quality level that Paramount/CBS will remaster all the film footage for HiDef and just upconvert the video portions of each episode to match.
Not possible. Upconverting doesn't work that way.

Whenever you watch TNG, DS9 or Voyager on an HDTV, you are already upconverting (if you weren't, you'd see a small box in the center of the screen which is the actual content, surrounded by wide swathes of black on all sides). Doesn't look that good, does it? Upconverting doesn't make video footage into HD, it just makes it airable *on* an HDTV (but in standard def).
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