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Re: Challenge Entry - A Time of Terror

captcalhoun wrote: View Post
you also persistently misspelled forcefield as well as some other spelling mistakes (malevolent for one)
Oops. (why doesn't OpenOffice have a spell checker!)

trampledamage wrote: View Post
captcalhoun wrote: View Post
you switched from past to present tense in there. y'might wanna fix that...
Where's the tense shift? I didn't notice it.

There's a fantastic pace to this story, USS Fardell, unfortunately that's also made it a bit confusing for me, I shall have to go back and read it again!
I would have like to see what state the freighter's crew were in and got to hear some of their stories - I think without that, the story leaves too much unexplained.
If there wasn't so low a word limit, I would have had written more (and some of that would have had been stories from the freighter crew)

trampledamage wrote: View Post
captcalhoun wrote: View Post
when Livingstone disappears. literally mid sentence when the woman whips out her tricorder.
Thanks, I see it now.

It would have been difficult to uphold for the rest of the story, but the present tense really suits the pace and confusion in those two paragraphs.
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