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Re: Arc of the Wolf: Distant Horizons - Distant Horizons

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Wow. Scotty decked the dentist? And didn't get in trouble for it? Again: wow.

Don't take this the wrong way, but the more I see--the more I start to think your version of him is quite the messed-up individual.
Nah, why would I take it the wrong way? He is screwed up at this age. Not in any 'evil, crazy' ways, but just has a whole slew of half-wild instincts and not a whole lot of more normal, well-adjusted coping mechanisms. Though, he didn't deck the dentist. ;-) At worst, he probably snagged the guys wrist in self-defense (not because the guy was a real threat, but because instinct took over) and accidentally twisted it while he was bolting. It does make sense in broad context, though it takes a very long time before a full portrait of the hows, whys and 'what happeneds?' comes together.

But, I figured that the dentist probably had to deal with twitchy people just by virtue of his job, even if it is a much kinder profession in that century, and some eighteen-year-old kid who was visibly spooked would one: Not be a surprise and two: Obviously didn't mean it in any malice. Why ruin a potential career over a mistake?

Thanks for the comment! And, no worries. Scott does start settling down. ;-) It just takes a bit, given how far he started behind the curve.
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