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Re: ST XI ships

First delurk in months... I'm going to hate myself in the morning...

USS Kelvin NCC-0514
- Appears to be single-nacelle, additional pod above with navigational deflector
- Presumably impulse drive as a backup since the ship does not appear to be at warp

- She is either not equipped with shields/deflectors or isn't using them during this scene (perhaps they are disabled?)
- The ship has sustained multiple hull breaches but is still in the fight. No outgassing or weird secondary explosions visible so this is probably not intended to be catastrophic damage, just visually to imply the ship is taking lots of heat
- The almost complete lack of viewports or windows on the hull suggests the ship is fully armored and probably designed for combat primarily. This may be consistent with the armaments contained on board.

- Timo's image focusses on the right port quarter of the upper saucer where there are four visible weapon emplacements: three [things] firing projectiles--one of which seems damaged--and one behind them that appears to be a phaser cannon. The projectile weapons may be some type of torpedo launcher.
- From the wider angle, the three torpedo launchers are visible behind armored gun ports, as is the flash of what appears to be the phaser cannon firing its first shot. The Romulan attackers are either small fighter craft or (more likely) freaking huge missiles of some kind.
- From the wider image I would guess that Kelvin is equipped (on its upper saucer) with at least two phaser cannons and at least eight torpedo launchers. This based on the weapon emplacements visible in the closer image in which an additional gunport hatch is still closed and may contain another torpedo launcher, either not-deployed or being reloaded. I would actually guess probably as many as four phaser weapons; above and to the left of the K in "Kelvin" is a discolored hull detail that may very well be the phaser gunport for the starboard side.

If the Romulans are attacking the ship with missiles, then the phasers are probably being used as point defense weapons. The SFX are interesting from this still; probably not the long beamlike effects we're used to, more likely a throwback to TWOK phaser effects. The projectiles are clearly meant to remind viewers of TOS photon torpedoes and are either some kind of missile or just older smaller version of the torpedoes themselves. All of this would seem consistent as continuation from Enterprise, in which phaser weapons were concealed behind gunports as well. Lastly, the green streaks in the image are probably fading ion trails from Romulan missiles fired at the ship (assuming those are missiles and not fighters; in the latter case they may be afterimage of disruptor pulses).

Just my two cents. May add a third if more images become available.
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