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Re: Arc of the Wolf: Distant Horizons

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About the accent, to me it seems Craig Ferguson has a stronger accent than Scotty does.
He does, and a different regional variety. Scott's accent gets lampooned by people, but mostly because they assume that just because he's from Scotland, it has to remain utterly 'pure'. In fact, when casting for the new movie, they wanted a 'flawless' accent.

Are you (general to them) kidding me? I went on about this at one point too -- voices are fluid. People do pick up bits and pieces of other accents and dialects over the course of their lives, and constant exposure to a standard 'midland' accent woulda rubbed off on him. Doohan always had some Irish in his voice, too; he was conceived in Ireland, and I chalk it up to Scotty spending a few years based in Belfast (where Doohan's family came from and likely sounded like while raising him).

So, I kinda wish people would lay off his accent. I, personally, love it. It has a bit of Irish clip, on top of a base Aberdonian, and a definite cadence that's unique to him that, if you want an in canon explanation, evolved over years and was influenced by a lot of things.

Oh, I do agree about the questions something like that would entail. I just pointed out the Bozeman because frankly...I think it DOES help not to be alone in one's circumstances.
I agree! Depending on personality, anyway -- Scott's such an odd case of being rather solitary in a bridge crew that has two definite little groups. The trinity of Kirk, Spock and McCoy, and the mostly written grouping of Sulu, Uhura and Chekov, the 'younger' crowd. He's the oldest of the lot, too; McCoy is the closest to his age at five years difference. So, while you do have the potential of not being alone in one's circumstances, you've gotta ask yet another question: Would that make all that big of a difference to a man who was already a bit solitary, even among the crew he spent most of the time with?

And thanks for your kind words as well! (Do remember, though, that's just MY take on the Cardassians. A lot about them was left unexplored in official canon. )
See, I always view canon as being definite on-screen presense, and everything else as being pick-and-choose. When someone writes something that makes sense to me, I have no trouble incorporating it into my own 'personal canon' and considering the author, often a fan-author, as having the definitve vision.

Know what I mean?
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