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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

^^ He is, but he looked out of sorts on Sunday. By contrast, Villa looked good when he came on, and he certainly gave the defenders a hard time. Very unfortunate with the goal, and a bit fortunate with the equaliser, but the thing with Tito is that he just gets stuck in. He made some decent runs and to be honest, looked our most threatening striker.

Teale, I've no idea. Barazite looked far more effective in the second half. To be fair, I heard a lot of people bemoaning Teale's performance, and granted it wasn't particularly good, but at the very least it was better than we're used to from him. Marginally. As stated though, Barazite was far better when he replaced him, and WTF isn't Sterjovski featuring? Not even on the bench. Is he injured?

Mark, I'd be a little concerned if I were you. Possibly our worst performance of the season, yet we still scored three legitimate goals, and but for a truly woeful referee, we'd have won the game Earnie looked very poor for you. Lost count of the number of times where he was either clean through or one-on-one with the last defender. He managed to fluff every chance he got. Looks like he may be in the same kind of form for you as he was for us last year.
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