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Re: Arc of the Wolf: Distant Horizons

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Not at all! I guess Scotty never really piqued my interest as a character until I began writing about an engineer myself. He always seemed to be something of a caricature, especially in the later movie era. Though I had to remind myself that whenever Kirk left Scott in charge of the ship, he always proved a cagy and effective commanding officer.

Anyhow, Iím really enjoying coming along on your exploration of his backstory. Your work serves to give much greater depth to an underused and (as I stand corrected ) insufficiently explored TOS character.
He really did, in the movie era, seem to be missing the second through fiftieth layers that made him a trip to watch in TOS. When I was young, I didn't notice as much, but as I got older I began to wonder where his grit and restlessness went. In TOS, he was layered and nuanced -- there's a lot to chew on. Another question to ask, for when I get to writing it: What happened to you?

Thanks again for the comment! And for putting up with me going on and on -- he's just such a great character, and I kinda get going on explaining how I came to the conclusions I did, and why, and all that stuff. I hope you continue to like this series; it's definitely been a heck of a road.
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