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Re: Arc of the Wolf: Distant Horizons

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Im up through Junkyard Dogs, Part II. Wow, talk about backstory and angst! Young Scottys a practical pariah in his family, though hes probably never noticed, and the man largely responsible can hardly stop hating himself over the boys plight long enough to forge a relationship with the introverted youngster.

This is damn fine writing, and a fantastically engrossing take on a character that I had previously thought had been explored to excess. Just great stuff!
Explored to excess?! My God, poor Scott's never given the spotlight unless it's to highlight his drinking, his brawling or his genius. Or to play plot convenience, or Kirk-lapdog, or some other awful role. Sorry. ;-) Seriously, though, when I started working on the first story for this seven years ago now, it was because here was this character who said a whole lot when he rarely said anything, and no one else seemed to even notice him past the cliches. He was my hero my whole life, no joke. Finally, since no one else would give him an honest tale, I tried my hand at it.

Junkyard Dogs was a story I half knew, but never planned on writing. But I'm glad I did -- glad I got to know Jay, who's a good man despite his flaws, and glad I got to tell this tale here.

If it's a compelling story, it's because it has a compelling star. I just do the storytelling, but he's the real drive.

And, I'm rambling again.

So, thank you again for the comments! They really make me smile. And if I go off on tangents, please forgive me.
Not at all! I guess Scotty never really piqued my interest as a character until I began writing about an engineer myself. He always seemed to be something of a caricature, especially in the later movie era. Though I had to remind myself that whenever Kirk left Scott in charge of the ship, he always proved a cagy and effective commanding officer.

Anyhow, Im really enjoying coming along on your exploration of his backstory. Your work serves to give much greater depth to an underused and (as I stand corrected ) insufficiently explored TOS character.
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