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Re: THE HAPPENING - Holy mother of Christ, it's unwatchable.

My ranking of M. Night's films (So far, he has proven to be a 2-hit wonder):
  1. Unbreakable - I absolutely loved it for the "deconstruction" of the whole superhero myth.
  2. The Sixth Sense - Over-rated. Worth watching twice just to fit all the pieces together for "the twist" ending that's been seen in virtually any Twilight Zone episode. In my opinion, this one is not worth revisiting again.
  3. Signs - M. Night wanted to drive home to the audience the whole "glass shattering" and "water weakness motif" incase the audience didn't "get it" the first time around with "Unbreakable." Water-phobic aliens invading Earth? For what purpose? I just don't buy it.
  4. The Village - I figured out the "twist ending" within the first 30-seconds of the film, because it looked so obvious that they were some sort of "Amish people" isolated from the rest of modern day society. One of the grave markers with the fake year of "18--" also helped me in this clue too, because people who dressed "Puritanically" like them were actually more prominent during the 1600's. And M. Night, no one wanted to see a lingering view of your reflection of your pock marked image over green glass. A 1st person point of view voice cameo alone would have driven it home, man.
  5. Lady in the Water - I skipped it because of my disdain for "Signs" and "The Village."
  6. The Happening - I skipped it because of my disdain for "Signs" and "The Village."
  7. (Avatar) The Last Airbender: I plan to skip this one, because I am not a fan of the cartoon that the upcoming live-action fiilm is based on, as well as my aforementioned disdain for "Signs" and "The Village."
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