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I've always thought that Capt.Ben Maxwell was acting on info supplied by 31.Trouble is,now that we the audience know of their existence,it is tempting to retro-fit them into too many happenings in the Trek world.
I was always under the impression that Maxwell was totally freelancing. He probably noticed something in Cardassian troop movements or got sensor readings--all by his little lonesome.
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Dude was paranoid. If it hadn't actually BEEN staring him in the face when he went looking for it, he probably would've manufactured it.

But as we know, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

Knowing what we know now, perhaps S31 chose Maxwell because they knew of his personal history. What with murder of his family during the war, he would be easy to manipulate into starting the confrontation with the Cardassian Union, something S31 wanted. He unknowingly worked for them.
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