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Re: Smallville 8x07 "Identity" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILER>

Smallville is like a modern day weekly Plan nine from out of Space. It's terribleness and discontinuity and unlikeness is mighty amusing. Just go with it.

That set they are using has been around since season 5 when Chloe got a job there IN THE BASEMENT... Of course for some reason the editor in chief also works out of an office in the basement... A few Editors ago, the person in that position had an all access pass to Lois' underwear, but someone shot him. She's been a staffer for a couple years who might have seen to have built up some seniority if TPTB had had the spare budget to build a new set, not that they don't still have the access tot he same number of soundstages that a new set can only exist at the sacrifice of an old?

Perry White was seen in season three as a drunk burn out long past thinking about doing a good days work because he lost his faith in simple human decency.

But no, there has been very little focus on other reporters at the Daily Planet.
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