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^ "The Inner Light" was pretty scifi-ish. Having Picard get zapped by a device that forced him to live out a lifetime in 20 minutes, then "wake up" back on the Enterprise was a pretty intriguing concept.

As for "Family", I liked that we got an episode that took a break from the usual stuff, and the ending was especially good. It was one of the most memorabe that Trek has ever done. Too bad it got ruined by Generations.
Agree with all above.

The TNG films took great pains to kill off a lot of secondary, one - shot or even main characters
in the name of "upping the stakes for the big screen." TOS films had their share of carnage, but not at the expense of the main cast. All the deaths in the TNG films felt a little forced or hollow, as if killing characters off made the films better.
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