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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I remember going to watch Derby at Stoke with a few Stoke mates and ended up going in their end. Must have looked odd when they scored. Think I was the only one not going mental. Of course when that goal was then disallowed, I kept my calm, displaying only a smug expression!

I don't think that there's any disputing the second Addison goal. Even Camp, and Calderwood have both admitted that they couldn't see anything wrong with it. Seeing the goal at the game, it looked good. Seeing it at home on Sky afterwards, it was a fantastic header, and absolutley no hint of a foul, be it a push, a handball or anything else.

I think that the corner was probably the first time where the Forest defenders had actually challenged. Most of the game, they just kept standing their ground.
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