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Re: Need Help with a Bit of Batman Lore

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The cartoon "The Batman" made a big deal out of the fact that he was an army medic before becoming a butler.

Does that come from any other source or did that 'toon just make that up?
Definitely from the comics. I have a 1982 book called The Untold Legend of the Batman, reprinting a comic-book story by Len Wein, John Byrne, and Jim Aparo that summarized everything the pre-Crisis comics continuity had established about Batman's origins and those of his associates. According to it, he was a soldier in the late days of WWII, helping to free refugees from the Nazis. After the war, he swore off violence and returned to his first love, the stage, but then his dying father made Alfred swear to follow the family tradition of butlering.

I think Alfred's medical skills are post-Crisis, though, to explain how Batman gets his injuries patched up.
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