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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Stuart Attwell. C*nt. Simple as that.....

Every major decision he got wrong. McGugan's sending off should have been a yellow, the goal that was chalked off for them in the first half was actually onside (although the ball only went in the net because we'd stopped playing), Commons should have had a penalty, the penalty we did get wasn't one, he should have played the advantage anyway seeing as we scored (and the Forest players only stopped playing once the ball had hit the back of the net, despite what Calderwood said), and finally he chalked off one of the best goals from a corner that you're ever likely to see.....

Re Addison's second disallowed goal; was it pushing? No. Was there a handball? No. Did he chalk it off because he had the game down for a draw? Well, who's to say.....

By and large, an awful game, we weren't at the races at all, but having done 0-1 down, and then coming back into the game, when they went down to 10 men it was just a matter of whether we'd be able to put another one in before the final whistle. We did, twice, yet the useless Attwell ruled them both out for no great reason. He'd clearly lost control of the game towards the end, and throughout he gave the impression that he just wanted to take centre stage.

Respect to Paul Jewell, he held his nerve far more than I'd have been able to had it been me in his shoes. The whole debacle just makes a mockery of the FA's 'Respect for Referees' campaign. How can you respect them when they put in performances like that? This bloke's supposed to be the great hope for the Premier League? You're having a laugh, what with yesterday and the phantom goal for Reading, he shouldn't be refereeing pub games let alone games of magnitude. Telling that he refused to be interviewed after the game. As things stand, 20-odd hours later, AFAIK, there's STILL no one who actually knows why that goal was ruled out. PJ will probably get hauled over the coals for his post-match comments, but that'll be typical of the FA, penalise the offended rather than making the referees accept anykind of accountability whatsoever.

Great atmosphere at the game though. Banter throughout. Although you do have to question the logic of lone Forest supporters sitting in the Derby end One bloke started celebrating towards the back of the west stand when they scored, which resulted in about 10 big lads rapidly heading his way. Fortunately, for him, the stewards got to him first and ejected him.

Still, at least the BC Trophy stays where it belongs......
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