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Re: Rewatching "Casino Royale (2006)"

I liked the first part of CR, up to the crash and torture scenes. I didn't even mind the do-it-yourself defib scene.

But, I cringed when Bond gave up the codes to the money like a stupid rookie. And from there, I was just counting the minutes until the girl got killed. (And I was rather disappointed at the drowning in a sinking house demise she got. And, living in the midwestern USA where houses don't tend to sink, I've had to explain the scene to everyone I've ever watched it with or talked to about it.)

To me, the second half was weak and too long.

Still, I think I'll pop it in and watch it again to see if I can work up some enthusiams for QoS. It will be interesting to see if Craig grows in the role, or if we've already seen his best.
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