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Re: Formula 1 - Vroom Vroom! 2008 Season Discussion

One of the best races I've seen in a while and yet one of the saddest. Glock couldn't make it 500 yards further at race pace?

This was Massa's championship and for 2 laps he almost had it. That bloody Hungary engine screwed everything up for us. 2009 will be his year. I know it. Domenicalli should have the team's shit together for it. Less mistakes and oversights.

Vettel could quite possibly get himself into any cockpit he wants for 2009. The boy is brilliant. Hopefully Red Bull don't let him down. I really want to see him in a red car for 2010. Vettel-Alonso '10?

Also, just goes to show you how good Torro Rosso is as a team too. It would be a terrible shame to see them go. Hopefully they can keep the customer car thing going.

Poor DC. Last race and he gets double teamed by the Williams cars on lap 1. Really sad way to end a great career.

Also this is the end of the road for Rubens Barrichello. I will be very surprised if he returns in 2009. Honda has far better prospect on the market (eg. Sato). I don't expect to see Piquet Jr. next year either. His run in F1 has been downright pathetic (save 1 podium). I'm stunned Fisi will be back in '09.

I hope Bourdais keeps his seat. He's shown a lot of improvement of late and I think he can be Torro Rosso's beacon next year.

Anyway, I'm off to watch a recording of Brazil 2007. That should cheer me up.
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