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Re: Smallville 8x07 "Identity" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILER>

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I like Tess, but she's definitely becoming one-note. There was hope for the character when we learned her backstory with Oliver. Now, she's kinda on repeat. I wish they'd just come out and say she's creating the Legion of Doom, though to be honest...we don't even have the Justice League yet.

I really thought Chloe was going to shapeshift into James Marsters. I still can't believe she killed someone. I wonder if this was done to put her on the same level with Davis. Hmm...interesting season so far.
Now although brain death might be... it was probably personality erasure since in a hospital, even if he was reduced to having the mental faculties of a foetus, the hospital can keep his body running until his mind can relearn (Ururah in the Changeling.) it's basic systems management.

Sure, she's making the legion of Doom, but Tess is going to call her Group the Justice League. To wit Ollie will have to beat the crap out of them talk about irony and claim the name by right of conquest, kinda like when Luke cage and Atlas fought over the right to be called powerman... ironically however neither of the two of them now use that name.

What if instead of brainiac... Which seems to be too obvious... I mean, brainiac said it best "What are you?" ...Chloe has had numerous encounters with Jor-El, and really... What if she has always been a sleeper agent for the real Jor-El that the erratic answerphone message of Jor-El saw her as a decent fallback position after the destruction of the fortress?
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