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Re: Empire Magazine pics!

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To ST-One and Trekkerguy: Sorry, gentlemen, but that simply is not true. Some people (you guys) look at this stuff and say "looks good." Others--myself, say--look at it and say "looks bad." Neither of us are neutral. Saying that you are does not make you so. It just makes you a liar.
Again wrong. Saying something looks good does not mean the I have decided
the movie itself is going to be good. But the material so far looks good to me.
If you havn't decided it won't be good but simply don't find the released material
apealing, that's cool, but most the naysayers have not kept from doing that.

Thanks for trying to "call me out" but no thanks.
I have and I was the one you were you were speaking to.

Again: I have not decided that this movie will be bad. I have decided that the indictors--primarily the resumes and the attitudes of the people behind the camera--look bad to me. And that's all I've ever said. You can decline my "calling you out, " whatever that means. You are still posting untruths and misrepresentations.
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