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I may be wrong, but I'm getting the sense that something happened to Starbuck that has made her a hybrid. She's still the same Starbuck, and she didn't begin life as a Cylon, but on the journey to and from Earth (whichever Earth that maybe - one or even both), something (or someone) did something to her so that she's now a human-Cylon hybrid.

Why? Because back in Faith, watch carefully...

When Emily died, Roslin saw here in her dream/vision.
When the Six who attacked Jean died, Natalie was with her.
When the Eight was killed, she turned to Athena, but Athena rejected her, so Anders stepped in and took her place.
When the Hybrid was deactivated and "died," Starbuck was there with it. Indeed, that same hybrid was deactivated and a few episodes later came back online.

Note the pattern:

Emily each one was with a person of like "kind." Emily was with Roslin, a human with the same disease. Natalie, a Six, executed the other Six. If Athena had not rejected Eight, two Eights would have been together, but upon rejection, Anders stepped in, so the Eight was with another Cylon. What's left? Starbuck and the Hybrid.
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