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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

Apologies for this slight derailment of the thread, but..................

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I was missing these so just bought them this morning Thanks for the heads up! I'm lucky that I travel a lot with work so get to read a lot.
Cool. Just remember that her appearances in both The Brave and the Bold and Captain's Glory are very very brief, and her role in Epiphany is fairly small. However, her role in Remembrance... is more substantial, including a flashback to her serving on the U.S.S. O'Keefe as a newly promoted junior-grade lieutenant.

I hope you enjoy it!
I'm sure I will - there were some bits about the election in another book I read, they were great.
If you read the A Time to... series, that would be the finale, A Time for War, a Time for Peace. Articles picks up where that book left off. For that matter, the Destiny trilogy picks up about a month after Articles ends....

But for some reason I can't buy the CoE omnibus #8 Aftermath in ebook format, and that's really frustrating. That and I feel bad as I haven't always read all the different stories in order
Weird. You can always get the individual eBooks in the Aftermath omnibus (Aftermath, Ishtar Rising Book 1, Ishtar Rising Book 2, Buying Time, Collective Hindsight Book 1, Collective Hindsight Book 2, The Demon Book 1, and The Demon Book 2).
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