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Re: And The Next President Is - A Star Trek Short Story

I'll be honest...I initially read this story only with great trepidation. Given the extremely skewed demographic present in this forum, I was afraid this would be another one of those bash-pieces that goes unquestioned by all but a few like me who get kicked around like Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View because of how few of us there are on the TrekBBS.

But what I found instead was quite different.

You reported the arguments of both sides much more faithfully than I expected. Instead of making a straw man out of O'Sullivan, or making a messiah out of A'Rarb-bo, you really allowed the advocates of both to speak for themselves and to point out the drawbacks AND benefits of each candidate.

But the most moving part was the finale, and that Maroney took the media to task that way. Somebody really needs to stand up and do the same in our world.

That's even the reason behind my own signature.

It's time to fix the problems, not the keep the faith, but make the change.

It's time to quit pointing the finger at what somebody did in the past (not to mention time to quit demonizing people as if they aren't what all of us are--a mixed bag of successes and failures), and time to focus on how we move forward in full acknowledgment of the situation as it is NOW.

Thank you very much for writing this.
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