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Re: Changeling - Discussion, Grading, Review, Spoilers opens 10/31

I gave it a solid A. The performances by everybody from child actors on up were excellent with an extra mention of Jason Butler Harner as the odd, twitchy Norchcott.

I've seen the reviews with complaints of 'too long' and 'false endings' and didn't experience that. It's unusual for me to not check my watch at least a couple of times during a movie and that didn't happen at all. As for the false endings I can almost see that, as there were a couple of places where they could have faded to dark and the audience would have left satisfied. I think the true ending is best, though, and where I'd expect it to end in a script by JMS.

BTW, for those who are familiar with B5, there's a line said a couple of times that you'll recognize. It's in some of the previews, too. I like to think the fans are being waved to from behind the screen.

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