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Re: The Kelvin's uniforms

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I think it is quite likely that the gold details didn't look good or stand out enough on-screen with the new yellow/gold/avocado command uniforms.

Besides, the Starfleet/Enterprise chevron was small and silver during The Cage, so a color change isn't a big deal.
Must be another one of those "noncalibrated eyeballs" things... because that arrowhead, in that image, sure looks gold to me.
The outer edge is gold (where a black edge is during the series), and the interior is silvery/whitish. I'll see if I can find another pic...


Here it is in high-def:

Gold outer edge but silvery/white interior.
Actually, to me those all look very much the same... metallic gold threads, but sewn to the uniform using thread much the same color as the uniform.

Gold, when bright and polished, reflects much more lightly than when it's covered with that odd "aged" coating that things get, of course, but gold tends to remain brighter than other metals. Put a bright metallic gold (real gold, not the "gold paint" we sometimes think of!) under bright studio lamps and they'll reflect nearly white under certain circumstances.

So, to my eyes, I still see gold there. I think the only way that I'd be convinced (and likely that you guys would be convinced, I'm guessing) would be to inspect an original patch. Since that's not likely to happen, I guess we'll just have to disagree. But I see "gold" in those images. It's just a much shinier, brighter color than the dark gold of the tunic fabric.
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