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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

Loved the book.

Maybe it's because I read it just before Halloween, but the scene of Ericka's "Change" reminded me a great deal of the Universal Frankenstein movie. The dark, stormy night. The tech-filled lab located in a high tower. The opening roof. A scientist working to thwart natural order. Was this imagery intentionally alluding to this film or am I reading too much into this scene?

Captain Dax's arc in the book was superbly handled. Her initial deference to Picard at the beginning all the way to her telling Jean-Luc at the end that he can do what he likes: she has a quadrant to help protect. Ezri is proving herself to be a nice fit for the Aventine's big chair. I look forward to the further adventures of Captian Dax and the good ship Aventine, beyond even those books with "Destiny" in their title.

On the subject of Aventine, when can I buy a Kedair action figure? That battle scene was the stuff of great popcorn movies. Poor, poor Hirogen.

The Tholian ambassador mentioned something about the Taurus reach -- is this a New Frontier reference?

One final note: good work, Mr. Mack. Can't wait for Lost Souls.
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