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Re: SF&F Hallowe'en avatar contest!

Ethros wrote: View Post
Mmm, this is poor. Poor, poor, poor.

Anyone remember when this was simple? The voting would go up on Friday night, votes over the weekend, new contest on Monday, entries, voting goes up on Friday, votes over the weekend, etc etc etc
It's easy!
(Haha, feel like ranting now)
Whereas of late it's all over the place. Pull your frakking fingers out!
I'm tempted to take the warning and give you the reply I really want to give you.

It didn't go up because Friday night was fucking Hallowe'en. Don't complain about how simple it should be when I'm the one who thinks it should be one vote per person--thus eliminating the chance of ties in the first place--and that we should eliminate the polls entirely and just begin casting spoken votes at a set time every week within the same thread. You can't get much simpler than that.

No, people want to vote in polls, and they want to vote for three people every time, because picking one is oh, so hard.

Now the rant is over.
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