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Re: Smallville 8x07 "Identity" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILER>

Brent wrote: View Post
Well obviously this guy that can take memories is going to take Jimmys memories about Clark being the hero away from him by the end of the episode
I thought that was going to happen too.

nx1701g wrote: View Post
On a lighter note: we just saw what the Smallville version of Batman looks like.
Good catch. I didn't see that one.

Shrekker4747 wrote: View Post
God! The hair color is GORGEOUS on her!
For the first time tonight, it dawned on me... Erica Durance looks and sounds like Sarah Palin. If they ever made a movie with her in it, she should play the part.

Red Ranger wrote: View Post
But is anyone sick of Tess yet?

She's a lukewarm version of Lex -- or should I say, putting lipstick on Lex doesn't make her Lex!
I think she's more ruthless than Lex. Lex came off like a good man beaten down. This woman just comes off as pure evil.

I would've loved it if they figured a way to put Darkseid in Smallville.
I still remember when someone suggested Michael Ironside in a KISS-like costume. That could work.

Anyway, SUPER episode.

- I like what we've seen of "Superman". That image on top of the building was pretty cool. Looks like Smallville could potentially make Superman look quite good.

- I don't know why Clark was uncomfortable zipping up Lois.

- Clark going to Tess to try and get himself off the story was a dumb move. He was just bringing more attention to himself by doing that.

- Is this the end of Clark's blue and red outfits? Is he gonna be Batman now?
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