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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

I am newcomer to Trek fiction - in the last three/four months I have devoured nearly 70 books, give or take. I am absolutely loving them, and the Destiny trilogy is easily going to be one of my faves (and one to re-read many many times).

A few cracking moments for me:

- The argument between Troi and Vale on the balcony reminded me of badass Troi pretending to be a Romulan Tal'Shiar member. I don't find Troi out of character or annoying - just struggling with difficult emotions.
- The whole Erika story is quite fascinating, especially Erika's interaction with Inyx. It is one of the real draws to the trilogy.
- Captain Dax just 'feels' right in my opinion, loving her interaction with Picard. Also really like the development of Sam Bowers.
- Anything Christine Vale does is just amazing - she is a great character - more Vale please.
- I have really enjoyed the Presidential stuff (I just bought Articles of the Federation because of the bits in this trilogy!)
- Riker's decision to leave was interesting but wholly in character and something I was hoping for (all three ships leading uberfight against the Borg) however I do wonder what will happen to Erika when she leaves as it was quite clear she couldn't.

Can't wait for the last part to come out.
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