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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

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Summary Negatives:
-Seven acting very odd throughout
-Troi becoming somewhat annoying
I will admit that Troi was acting annoying, but then considering her situation maybe it is understandable.

As far as Seven is concerned, I have heard people commenting that her behavior was out of character. Now, I can't speak as someone well acquainted with Voyager in general or Seven in specific. I am just now starting to enjoy watching it, and that is only when I can randomly catch it on Spike. But I thought Seven was acting appropriately. It seems to me as if she is the only one--with the exception of Picard--who actually understands the gravity of the situation. She knows exactly what is going down and what the consequences will be. Everyone else is acting naive. And I think the thing with Jellico was a last ditch effort to get him to understand. It kind of reminded me of Guinan and Picard fencing and Guinan fakes an injury to defeat Picard in "I, Borg." Of course the context was significantly different, but I did think immediately of that scene.

So, long post made short, I liked the way Seven was acting, and I was satisfied at the end with the 7,000 cubes showing up, and I wanted to hear Seven tell Jellico "I told you so!"
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