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Re: The Kelvin's uniforms

Personally, I've never seen the pull-over tunics to look terribly much like a uniform. When that Air Force officer interrogating Kirk in "Tomorrow is Yesterday" asks if Kirk's wearing some kind of uniform, I usually just smile and shake my head. The only thing that begins to look vaguely like a uniform on Kirk's attire are his captain's stripes. Everything else looks like leisure-wear to me. Unfortunately, these new outfits don't resolve my little problem. Were I in charge, I'd likely go with department-specific shirt, with Starfleet iconography and nametag on the chest, rank on the sleeves, and ship-specific patch with department enhancement on the shoulder.
Well, they weren't supposed to look like contemporary uniforms (or as is less popular in sci-fi, 19th century European military attire with futuristic or creative flourishes) but like something plausible for a para-military, primarily scientific organization in a future of comparatively fantastic technology. Compared to Enterprise's 20th century exterminator or auto mechanic aesthetic, they're far more successful in this regard to me. I do wish the "gold" shirts were more of an olive color, though, as I believe that would have conveyed "uniform" more strongly, as well as done the whole red/blue/green thing.
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