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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

OK, I just finished 'Mere Mortals'.

This book ups the ante over 'Gods of Night', where we have a first look at the true consequences of the Borg threat (as mentioned already). I also agree that there were a lot of similarities between this book's ending and TBOBW Part 1's cliffhanger. My only problem would be that we know the Borg aren't going to reach all of their destinations, and it's somewhat clear that either the powered Erika Hernandez or the Caeliar will be the key to stopping them. I did like the last scene with Bacco, where she was feeling absolutely powerless. I would have liked to see more discussion about using the thalaron weapon as a last-resort.

I enjoyed seeing the Hirogen again, even if I don't remember them using those energy dampening weapons in the past. Those things were really powerful. I liked the return of the TR-116 projectile rifle, even if the Hirogen didn't give the Enterprise security officers the time to use the micro-transporter.

Summary Positives:
-Upping the ante with the Borg
-Hirogen battle
-Bacco negotiations with the major powers/Garak scenes
-Overall story

Summary Negatives:
-Seven acting very odd throughout
-Troi becoming somewhat annoying
-The scenes in the past with the Columbia survivors dragged too frequently
-I felt like the Geordi/Beverly concerns about Picard's state from 'GoN' were forgotten

And finally, a question for David: those 'children of the storm' aliens that the Enterprise encountered in the Delta Quadrant...did you create those or have they appeared in past ST canon or literature? I don't recall.
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