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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2008!

Halloween III is the only Halloween movie I ever enjoyed.

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I often wish I had TCM, but heck, looking at the schedule, I actually own most of the movies they're showing. So maybe I'll simulate a TCM experience.
I either have or have seen all of the cool 1930s movies they showed, but Torture Garden and Twice Told Tales were new to me; TTT is actually worth buying, if it's on DVD.

I wonder if my wife can do an impersonation of Robert Osborne, and, if she can, if I'd really want to hear it....
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Mediocre, it was a Penny Dreadful in 1847, sort of like newspaper comic strips now, it went for 237 "episodes" when the only other Vampire publication before it was "The Vampyr" at the turn of the century so the story meanders quite a lot with the main character not having a coherent background or motivation. I'd stick to the later Victorian novels really.
I really like that old stuff, though. It would really have to be painfully bad for me not to enjoy it, even if just for the historical aspect.

The van Helsing books sounds pretty interesting; I had never heard of them before.
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