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Arc of the Wolf: Distant Horizons

Okay. I've tried a million times to come up with a simple (or even a not so simple) way to explain this storyline and I've failed every time. I guess because there's just no way to stick it in any particular genre, or sum it up in any simple terms.

So, this time I'll just go with stating the facts: The Arc of the Wolf is a series of stories, some short, some much longer, some not even written yet, some half-written and sitting on my hard drive, some even contributed by other authors, that spans well over a century in the lifetime of Montgomery Scott. Long before TOS, and long after it.

I can guarantee that 1.) Nothing in it contradicts canon; in fact, part of the reason I've even written it is because I wanted to explain a whole lot of things I saw in canon that didn't make sense without further context. 2.) It's a pretty family friendly series -- some occasional cussing, more than you'd see on TV, but nothing gratuitous. The highest rated story is PG-13. 3.) It's written all out of order, and there are still a number of stories missing out of it, but the earlier pieces are pretty cohesive. Distant Horizons here is just the first 'set'.

Not much more to be said about it, really. It takes a very close-to-the-ground, human-eye view of things. It's got a bit of everything; from joy to tragedy, from deep and intense to total comedy. All of it, though, is character driven. (And yes, it even has some art to go with it, but we'll get to that later.)

Feedback is adored, but not required -- I'll be happy if you read it and it makes you think.

Anyway, if anyone can come up with a better way of explaining it, someday you'll have to tell me. For now, on with the tale.
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