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Re: Smallville 8x07 "Identity" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILER>

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The end was a shocker! Chloe, like the Queen song, "Death on Two Legs!" Whoa! I rated the ep "average." Liked how Clark got Oliver out of his funk.

But is anyone sick of Tess yet? She's a lukewarm version of Lex -- or should I say, putting lipstick on Lex doesn't make her Lex! I would've loved it if they figured a way to put Darkseid in Smallville. Like Zod taking over Lex, or like how in the comics, Doctor Bedlam can project his mind into other bodies. Imagine a Mr. Darkside of Apokolips Inc., acquiring Luthorcorp in a hostile takeover.

Red Ranger
Yeah sick of Tess.

Here's what I wish they'd done:

That assistant of Lex's last season, that was crushing on him and wanted it to be "we" and was knowing too much? Bring her back in charge this season.

WTF? you say? But Lex killed her? YES! Lex has a whole lab with clones somewhere. Whenever his assistant gets too upity, he can kill her, modify the program that sleep teaches the clones, and get a new one. The assistant can be Tess Mercer 2.0, 2.1, etc etc.

And don't tell us what's going on. Throughout the season she can get really obviously torn to shreds a couple times, and then be good as new the next ep. Keep us in the dark and let us figure it out.

It would have been totally the kind of thing Lex would do, it would be freaky sci fi, and I kind of liked the assistant last year, even though I can't remember her name.
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