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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2008!

Mediocre, it was a Penny Dreadful in 1847, sort of like newspaper comic strips now, it went for 237 "episodes" when the only other Vampire publication before it was "The Vampyr" at the turn of the century so the story meanders quite a lot with the main character not having a coherent background or motivation. I'd stick to the later Victorian novels really.

As for the other one I mentioned, its a once a year publication, the "Hunter Handbooks". Each one a chronicle of a member of the Van Helsing family with a particular theme. They're large gothic art books with grotesque but amazing demon drawings, some from Hollywood monster artists. It has a short story that unfolds over the course of the book, but the main appeal is just the physical look of the books themsevles and the art sprawling over the pages.

"The Demon Hunters Handbook", "The Vampire Hunters Handbook" and now this year "The Dragon Hunters Handbook" of Adelia Van Helsing, which is one of the few female Van Helsings I've seen in fiction.
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