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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

I saw at the opening here in Sweden, and I'm glad to hear that it wasn't just me who was a bit tired that made it seem to move very quickly. I'd rate it Above Average, with Casino Royale being rated Excellent because Quantum of Solace, while very good, just doesn't have the depth of CS. And that's perfectly fine, I think it finished Bond's personal storyline that started in CS and made us get to know a biiiit more about the evil organisation. And I liked the intro and thought the song was decent.

Someone said about the Bond girls that the Gemma Aterton steals the show from Olga Kurylenko (sp?) and I'd have to agree to some level but I think Olga was decent enough (except for driving a bloody Ford Ka ).

As for the bad, I'd agree with that it moves to quickly. I think the film could have benifited from being about 10-15 minutes longer just by not having so fast cuts, especially in action sequences. I feel it's somehow because the film has two editors (in comparison to one great one on Casino Royale, Stuart Baird), as if one of them is a really great editor and the other one is either really terrible or was hired to trim the movie down. There were bits like the opening shots and the quick flashes of parts of cars and bullets that where brilliant but several times I just felt everything went a bit to quick. Not bad enough to spoil the movie for me though.

Also when will we get a proper car chase in Bond movies again! The openbing chase is great but waaaaay too short.

In conclusion I'd just like to say Craig is still fantastic as Bond and I hope he stays on for several more films. And I'll be seeing this at least once again theatres, while a bit more awake
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